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If this is even avian, can it be identified?

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I'm hesitant to post here, as the more I zoom in, the more the face looks like some kind of monkey to me, but I've been told I sometimes see things in pictures that aren't there, and maybe this is indeed some odd-looking bird that is a lifer.

So, if this is even avian, can it be identified?  If not, does anybody agree with me that is some kind of monkey, or have any idea what kind of animal it is?  if it does appear to be a monkey, I need to report it to the authorities.  

Taken this afternoon in Boynton Beach, Florida:





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6 minutes ago, Quiscalus quiscula said:

Unsure whether this is a clump of leaves or some other structure. I wouldn't push an ID. Not a monkey.

Hope mods don't mind me straying off topic but take a look at this.  Can't you see the face that I circled in red, with one of the ears near the top left of the circle?


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1 hour ago, dragon49 said:

I'm going to stop this, unless others engage me, but before I do, pls take a look at this.  Do you really not see the face, nose, ear, and eyes?


I agree, this is pareidolia (the natural human tendency to see faces or other familiar objects in random shapes and patterns). This could be a bird, but it could be a pile of leaves, some trash, a rock, or any number of things. I see things that are very clearly birds every day, until I grab my binocs and get a good look. The knobs on the dead trees behind my house fool me every day. I once even convinced myself that the hummingbird I was seeing on a power line in front of my house must have a deformed bill or something stuck on its bill (explaining why it didn't move at all) until my binocs showed me it was a metal clip on the wire. It's all part of our human brains looking for familiar things everywhere. 

With a photo you can't get a better angle or closer look to confirm what you think you're seeing. In this case even the bird is a zebra (when you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras...) and the monkey is a unicorn. 

(Which reminds me, a while back I heard hoofbeats outside my house. Someone riding by on a horse would be unusual but certainly not impossible, and I thought - definitely horse, not zebra. I took a look and it was a girl running down the street wearing clogs!)

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