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Which swallow?

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Southern Ontario, August 2014.

I can't believe this was from four years ago as I can still remember the day vividly (my memory may not be as bad as I thought) but it was quite unusual to see swallows? perching at this particular location.

Maybe not swallows although that is how they were behaving - none of my guide books show the breast speckling. I am however learning not to be surprised.

Only got the one shot before they moved on so I went with a wide view.


Tree Swallows HVT-6002986.jpg

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Thanks egosnell, not what I was expecting; they are quite different from the adults (not unusual of course but the juveniles seem much stubbier). However the grey collar on the bird on the right is quite distinctive along with the breast streaks. Easy when you know the answer.

Thanks again.

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