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Wren confusion

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This wren was seen north of Belle Plaine, SK in August 2018. It’s either a little scruffy or young? The bill looks long and straight. The pictures are a little greyer in cast but the wren wasn’t a dark brown either. The habitat was compatible to sedge. No pines/evergreens. Do you consider the tail too long for a Sedge Wren?





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51 minutes ago, Cloebird said:

I was looking at the white specskles along the edge/side of the wing. I saw a photo with that on a Winter Wren but maybe it’s not characteristic. 

Oh ok. I guess that sort of is a feature, but on winter there's a lot more white. I tend to go off giss (general impression of size and shape), colour and tail. Winter's are very compact and round, with a tiny tail that's often cocked up, overall winter are much darker as well. Sedge is cleaner above and below, and they have fine streaking running lengthwise down their back. Instead of brown, I find them to be more of a light straw colour, which is pretty uniform across their whole body, except some pretty clean white on the underparts. Sometimes Marsh and Sedge can a be a little tricky to separate, but Sedge is much lighter, and shows different back patterning, and a less bolded supercilium. Once you get the hang of it, wrens aren't so bad. Hope this helped for the future!

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