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Warbler ID help... Cape May?

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Hey everyone, 

I saw this bird (photos attached) way back on August 31, but forgot about it until now. I was hiking on the Tongue Mountain range adjacent to Lake George in New York. I saw the bird on the ridge (approx. 2000 feet in elevation) in a dry and rocky pitch pine-oak community.

My best guess is a female or immature Cape May warbler because of the streaks on the breast, white patch on the wings, dull yellow rump, and narrow black line through the eye on an otherwise un-patterned face. I ruled out more common species like prairie, magnolia, and yellow-rumped, but I'm not very confident of that. Given the habitat, I initially assumed it was a female prairie warbler, but I think this bird is too heavily streaked and prairies don't have yellow rumps.

Thanks so much for the help!




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