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EBird hotspot question and another question


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Hi all, 

I’ve been wondering about these things. 

1. There’s a really good birding location near me, Upper Newport Bay. There are numerous areas where you can bird from, and each of these areas has its own eBird hotspot, which I agree with. My question is, if I’m birding from this location(which is a hotspot on eBird), I will use that hotspot for the checklist. 

I begin scoping the open water for ducks and grebes, and in the back of flock I see a flock of BBPLs on the opposite shore of the bay, which is ALSO its own eBird hotspot. Do I report those on the same checklist, or create a different list for the birds that I saw on that side? To clarify, the birds that I saw on the other side of the bay, which is another hotspot, I saw from the original position that I was in. Does eBird want me to report every bird I saw from my location, even if the bird was technically at a different hotspot?


2. If your checklist distance has any backtracking, does eBird want you to remove the backtracking distance from the checklist? Thanks!

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17 minutes ago, IKLland said:

Just realized that eBird does want you to remove backtracked distance. Does anybody know how you can tell how much distance you have to subtract?

You can edit the length just by moving the slider, but that’s problematic if you diverted from the path on the way back. I’d just estimate it. 

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27 minutes ago, chipperatl said:

On the app you can edit the distance by doing a slider that moves the plot back.  Hard to explain especially when I don't have a recent traveling one that will let me edit right now.  

I figured out an easy way for me to do it. I downloaded the under armour track my walk app. It lets you pause and restart.

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I usually will enter a complete checklist from the location where I am making the observation. In your example, I would make one checklist from the east bank of the river.

As for a traveling path with eBird Mobile, the track itself should be left alone if you start and end it when you start and end your observation.  Editing it is more for when you forget to stop the track and need to delete the 15 miles you drove afterwards. The actual number filled in for distance traveled should be reduced if you tracked back, however.

Take a look here for more information on backtracking:



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47 minutes ago, Quiscalus quiscula said:

So if I walked to a hotspot and back, I would only submit the distance I traveled there, and not the distance back, even if I saw new species on the way back?

That's correct, and you would included the new species.

Say you walked out a mile, and then back over the same path.  You walked two miles but only covered one mile of territory.  Take eBird's report of distance covered and cut it in half.  (Remembering to do that is the tricky part!)

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