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Okay, I think these images are from an injured warbler in LG, CA- not great shots. Can you help me identify? thanks

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1 hour ago, kathyjoy said:

Thanks! To me, this looked like a warbler without a full tail. I thought an accident had happened to part of the tail. I'm new to birding and clearly, I was mistaken.

It looked like it was missing tail feathers to me too. That could be from a fight or accident, or normal molting. If the bird was able to fly normally it's probably OK! Losing a tail isn't usually a major issue, and they grow a new one in. It doesn't necessarily mean that there is an injury to body tissues; the feathers may just have been pulled out. But I also agree, just from looking at pictures we can't be sure if it was injured or not, although the fact that it's perched on a high branch seems to support the idea that it can fly.

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46 minutes ago, Kevin said:

Exactly how do you know that from these photos? Sure there is no obvious injury, but we can't really tell. 

I thought the OP was reffering to the flicking of the wings that kinglets do. I thought that the OP assumed that the bird was injured because it was doing that. 

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I thought I was seeing a warbler (not a kingbird) without a tail in this image when I got home and looked at the photo I took. I'm a new birder. I'm wrong. Frankly, that happens a lot as I learn and I appreciate the community here guiding me to learn. Thanks for all your thoughts. Kathy

Screen Shot 2022-11-03 at 9.19.34 PM.png

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