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Black Vulture or impossible to tell?

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9 minutes ago, Kevin said:

How was it flying? If it was flying like a crow, I would suggest it might have been a crow.

You have a good point.  It wasn't gliding like a vulture, nor was it in serious wing flapping mode like when the vultures need to get started.  The pattern was much more like a Crow - No American Crows anywhere near me, so I'm thinking was probably a Fish Crow.  I'm going to leave it unreported though, as it's not clear enough to me.

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9 minutes ago, Birds are cool said:

Could also be a crow.


6 minutes ago, aveschapinas said:

Yeah, it looks too bulky in the belly to be a Great-Tailed/Boat-Tailed Grackle to me. And the tail isn't all THAT great.

The tail in the last photo is way too long to be a crow IMO.

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