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11/16/22 NW AR

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Yay, more hawk photos. 🙂  These should be easier. I went looking for the bird I saw Sunday. NO luck. I started where I had seen it and, ended there as well... drove backroads to a big prairie and walked there for a while.

1. I'm assuming Western RTHA? Completely dark bird with a nice red tail.

2. American Oystercatcher?  Just kidding. I'm thinking a yellowlegs perhaps? Seemed one of the legs was drooping a bit. This bird was way across the field and I was not going to ID it from where I was at the time. The second picture there, I am thinking greater yellowlegs.(same bird)

3. I want to call this a young RTHA but it doesn't look like it has a belly band. The markings on the back and overall look don't really say RSHA to me.

4. Probably unidentifiable but just wanted an opinion on hawk vs, well I don't know... falcon?  I'm leaning towards hawk for sure but something about the shape.

5. Last but NOT least...  another odd RTHA? I wanted to call this one rough-legged at one point in the field... gave such a weird look, the overall color/tones sort of reminded me of an osprey. Those DARK squares you're supposed to see on a rough-legged were not present so I guess that rules that out? I have several photos, some are blurry but posted to show different angles. One of the things that stuck out was the BIG light(sort of translucent like the commas on a RSHA) patches on the wings... these light colored feathers you will see are present above and below. Darkish patagial area and belly band suggest RTHA but the belly band extends fairly low. NO red on the tail so if RTHA, what type?

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Why isn't number 3 a RSHA?  Those secondaries look pretty nicely dark/white/dark/white/dark, tail longer than wings, and the brown spotting goes all the way up the chest.


I think 4 is a RTHA with the white "V" on its back.  No harm in buteo sp. though.  Falcon tail would be longer I think.  

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2 hours ago, chipperatl said:

Why isn't number 3 a RSHA?  Those secondaries look pretty nicely dark/white/dark/white/dark, tail longer than wings, and the brown spotting goes all the way up the chest.

You may be right. The GISS just screamed RTHA to me at first, but now that I look at it again, it might be a RSHA. Guess I didn’t look close enough. 

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