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New to this forum and I have questions about IBird Pro for Android.  I've been a Pro user for some years and it's my most used birding app.  I come here and read about "subscriptions" but I've heard nothing about that elsewhere.  Is that for the Iphone version only?   I also see reference to Ibird "ultimate"... again, is that Iphone only?  

The original question that led me to this forum is about the search function.  I use the "birds around me" option to narrow down the list but when I narrow down to a single bird and then look up "similar" birds, it no longer limits the list to my local birds.  This means looking at the range map for each bird to find out if it's even a possibility.   I'm not a programmer or app developer, but it seems like this would be an easy filter to apply to the results.  Not so, or is the app not being maintained?  For a very amateur birder (like me) this is a critical feature.  When there's often so little time to match up field marks, it's very frustrating to need to scroll through range maps.  I'd love to know if there's a fix for this issue. 


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