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Short tailed Hawk being chased by ? ID please

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I seemed to capture my first Short-tailed Hawk.   That was great.   It caught my eye as it was being chased.    In the northeast I'm used to seeing hawks chased by solitary mockingbirds or groups of grackles.      At first I thought it could be swifts but that didn't make sense.    On later looking at these pictures ,  it seems to be swallows - perhaps tree swallows?, which I haven't seen before.

Does anyone have a description of what is going on?

Also,  Short-tailed Hawk pictures have the more browns spots on the lower parts of the feathers.  These pictures show all white.  It is a bad picture,  or a type of morph?








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On 12/12/2018 at 7:33 PM, MerMaeve said:

Yes, it is a Short-tailed Hawk (from what I know) but the little guys I don't know. Sorry!

Could they be swallows? They do look rather small, and the one in the second picture appears to possibly be flying like one? Northern Rough-Wings? 

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