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What birds are these? Antelope Island, Utah November 2022

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1 hour ago, IKLland said:



Why aren’t those Ruddy Ducks?

Because their parents were Buffleheads.

Okay, I'm sort-of-sorry, I'll stop being a smart mouthed.

As @Avery already said, the pattern is totally wrong for Ruddy Duck. Also you do realize the other two birds have their heads tucked under their wings?

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9 hours ago, DLecy said:

Could you be more specific as to help with the discussion?

Your right, I apologize, my last post did nothing to help with the discussion, and identification of these birds.

9 hours ago, DLecy said:

I would call these preening Ruddy Ducks, as Buffleheads don't show the facial patterning that these ducks do.

First off, let me be clear, I'm not trying to identify anything except the middle bird, I assume the other two are the same species, but I can't prove that. 

If this is a Ruddy Duck, shouldn't it have a darker body, not the white we are seeing? 

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17 hours ago, Avery said:

The middle bird in that shot is 100% a Bufflhead. The white pattern is different on a Ruddy

I'll retract this. Zooming in on the middle bird, I thought I could see the bill sticking out to the right of the face, which made me think that the bird's head was in profile. I'm having a hard time working out which was the bird's head is oriented. Maybe the original photos can help with that.

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