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Which two shorebirds-- Curlew S and Lesser Y?

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Seen on the Caribbean Island of St.Kitts on 26 November 2022. The first looks like a possible Curlew Sandpiper, but did not see color of legs. However, when it flew off it had a lot of white in the tail section, but not sure if rump or tail.

The other one kept it's tail very high while feeding, which I have not see a Lesser Yellowlegs do before, but looks like this is still a Lesser Yellowlegs?

First two pictures are of the possible Curlew, and the other three are of the likely Lesser Yellowlegs.


P1270223 A.jpg

P1270226 A.jpg

P1270199 A.jpg

P1270206 A.jpg

P1270210 A.jpg

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3 minutes ago, Birds are cool said:

Curlew Sandpipers are a code 3 or 4 I believe

Is St. Kitts part of the ABA? Either way there aren’t any reports of CUSA on the island from eBird, and sporadic reports from nearby islands. Stilt Sandpiper is much more likely, but I’d love to hear what others say about the ID of this bird!

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