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Great or Double-crested?

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8 minutes ago, Avery said:

Very few reports of Great along the Gulf coast. That said, I’m terrible at cormorants so I’d love to see discussion of field marks for this bird. 

We had one last Winter/early Spring here in Baldwin co.,  but it hung out further south, at the mouth of the bay into the Gulf.   

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I see lots of both here in Nova scotia often together and size difference is a good field marker with the GRCO being larger than the DCCO.  Even without comparison that white throat and stout bill would be enough for me to ID this bird as a Great Cormorant. The rarity of GRCOs in Alabama has me doubting myself. I defer to the experts

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I have no experience with GRCO, so I may very well be wrong. That being said, the overall impression I’m getting is they this is too large for a DCCO. The white throat and gray bill are also making me say GRCO, but I may be wrong. I’m curious to see what the experts have to say. 

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