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Palm Warbler?

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Hi everyone,


I'm visiting Morro Bay from Colorado and decided to see if I could find the Palm Warbler reported in this rare bird alert on ebird:

Palm Warbler (Setophaga palmarum) (1) CONFIRMED
- Reported Nov 27, 2022 09:49 by Doug Drynan
- Hardie Park/Cayucos Creek (Ocean Ave Bridge to Hwy 1 Bridge), Cayucos, San Luis Obispo, California
- Map: http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&t=p&z=13&q=35.4518225,-120.9062489&ll=35.4518225,-120.9062489
- Checklist: https://ebird.org/checklist/S123122848
- Media: 8 Photos
- Comments: "Continuing bird found by Petra and Jack Clayton on Nov 24. Very user friendly bird! Was foraging in same spot as described by Tom- in open field between the park and the pier. Observed the wagging tail behavior as it foraged. Yellow under/upper tail coverts. Streaks on breast and sides. Pale supercillium. Olive brown back."


I played the Palm Warbler call on my phone just to know what it sounded like for my wife and I. The bird pictured below immediately appeared at my feet and then quickly flew into the tree. I managed a couple decent shots. When I tried to ID it with Merlin it came up with a couple other warblers. The pics in the ebird post also look different to me. I'm not convinced this is a Palm Warbler..what do you all think?


Thanks in adavance!







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