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Placing Feeder High Up

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As long as you can conveniently refill it, you can place it up a couple of stories.

As to placing it close to the house, do you have squirrels, chipmunks, or agile rats in the area?  Chipmunks and rats can leap at least three feet; squirrels can up six or seven.  If your feeder is that close to a roof, patio, tree, or other launching point, you'll have rodents dining at your buffet.

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I have a problem with squirrels and raccoons so what I found to be the best solution is.

I use picture hanger wire about 6' Long 

attached to dome then hang feeder under dome.  This stops animals sliding down to the feeder.  I have 100% success with this.  Picture hanging wire is super thin and very strong. 

On a branch I attach this Duncraft.com: High Reach Hangers

With a small pulley.  I use very then steel cable attached to the picture wire, through pulley down to tree where I have a loop and I hook it on a nail on the tree.  The hook needs to have enough cable after the loop to allow you to lower feeder to ground.

Long story I know.  but I actually have more birds with the feeder high.  It is "more protected" and enough goes to the ground for the ground feeders.


PS I can hang a platform feeder up high which attracts a ton of birds.  AND NO SQUIRRELS  

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