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Welcome back WhatBird!  

The following pictures were taken in the Nilgiri Hills in southern India.  No doubt this will get moved back into the rest of world forum once it reappears.

1.  Some type of swallow or marten that i've seen a lot on the wing but only once managed to photograph.



2. Babbler?


3.  Grey junglefowl?


4.  Raptor on the wing.  Difficult.


5.  This one is my nemesis.  Three pictures of the same bird.  Never stays still long enough to photograph. 


6.  I only had my phone on me when i saw this raptor so low resolution.


7.  No idea


8.  No idea.



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1 hour ago, MattR said:

Please can you move this to the 'Rest of the World Forum'




At the moment, there is only a US / North America ID forum.  The site crashed a couple of weeks ago and had to be rebuilt from scratch.  The site administrators are working on restoring the most frequently used features first.

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I have an answer for some of these now.

2. Yellow billed babbled.

3. Grey junglefowl 

5. Ashy prima


Help still needed on the rest.

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