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For my CBC area yesterday, so I'd like to be sure. Area is Chinook, WA 12/18/2022

This was on Lingenfelter Rd, which is a stretch that runs about a mile on my part of the count, with a couple of open field and marsh areas along it but woods mainly. This bird flew out of the heavy trees and across to a clearing where someone is building a pole barn/house, where it just sat for a couple of minutes, looking for mice in the wood pile I think. I put it down as a Cooper's. Initially I went with Sharp-shinned, but despite showing a lot of leg, the rounded tail and bulkier feet, lack of look of surprise I went back to Cooper's.


This one we found after we came out and were back on 101 through the town of Chinook proper. It was about the size of a dove, but the upright posture so we turned around. I only got one shot before it took off across the highway and back into some city trees there and too much on private property to attempt to track. Can't see the eyes, but the smaller, skinnier talons and size overall I went with Sharp-shinned.


Thank you!

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I agree too.  On the Coop in the first picture, the cere is above the level of the eyes, so there's a smooth curve from the top of the head to the top of the bill.  Also the tail feathers seem to be different lengths (which is better to look for than a square or rounded tail).  On the Sharpie in the second picture, the bill is smaller relative to the head and juts out sharply, the cere is lower compared to the eye (which you can just barely see, and it's big), the tail feathers seem to be the same length, the nape is the same dark color as the crown, and the body looks broad-shouldered.

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