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NW Arkansas 12/31/22

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Was at a local prairie HOPING for short-eared owls. No luck on that. Wanted to ask a few questions...

1. Do you think this harrier is carrying something with a long tail or, is something attached to the bird?

2. I had to lighten this photo but I'm thinking mallards

3. Interesting looking, and fluffy-ish looking legs. I was so focused on patrolling the area that had short-eared owl potential that I didn't walk over to the other side to get a closer look to this hawk... now I wish I did.


4. Lastly, is this a young-ish male harrier. I typically see brown harriers... the beautiful gray males seem to elude me but, this sure looks way more gray and has the right pattern on the bottom of the wings(I believe) so I'm pretty sure it's a male but, it isn't as smoothly beautiful looking as some pictures I've seen so I was wondering if it might make it a younger bird.

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1. Hard to tell. Very well could be a rat being held oddly. 

2. Yes, Mallards

3. Red-tailed Hawk, likely a borealis bird with the extremely faint belly band. 

4. it’s definitely a male, I can’t speak on the age, though I agree with your reasoning. 

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