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4 hours ago, Zoroark said:

Finally got that tricky Ivory-billed Woodpecker! That brings me up to 256 for the year.

And I, in turn, saw a Steller's Sea-Eagle perching in the same tree as a Red-legged Honeycreeper, this afternoon on a walk in my local park.

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Weird year.  Feels like just a middling year, which it is species wise, with 5th best total so far out of 10 years.  I don’t think I’ve really been out that much, but looking at checklist pace this is my 2nd most at this point!  Didn’t think that was anywhere near true.  Had 4 FOY yesterday, with surprise earliest record of Vesper Sparrow.  Also had Ruddy Duck, Golden-crowned Kinglet and bunches of Blue-winged Teal.  

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I’m at 264 overall for the year, 228 for California this year, and 207 for my county this year. Ahead of last year’s pace in my county(I’m not going to compare my overall and state paces to last year because I’ve traveled more this year). 

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