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Northwest Arkansas yesterday. The lighting was not great(kind of overcast) and they were at a distance. They were all rather small and overall gave me least sandpiper feel... There were about 6 there, most of them together.


The last two photos are of one bird that was in a separate spot from the others.

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Just now, millipede said:

While I'm here... I was observing about 40 mallards at another spot yesterday. This one female had more of an orangish tinge to the face compared to the others...




It’s definitely a Mallard, perhaps it has a few domestic genes, but female MALLs are super variable. 

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48 minutes ago, Birds are cool said:

Agreed on the first two. Why not Western for the last two?

The first two, it's actually three pictures. The bottom two(of those three) blend in together. 

and yeah, why not? I don't know but, that's one of the reasons I posted them. I felt that last bird(same bird in the last two photos) looked a little different in the field.
Here's one more pic of it. I didn't post this picture before because, it wasn't very different from one of the others and, I don't know if there's something in its bill or if the tongue it out but it makes the bill look longer.
Hard to say because of lighting what the legs actually look like but, it's standing up taller in this picture.


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26 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:

I like 'Peep sp.' for the last three shorebird photos.  How do we justify calling Western vs. Least?


I think breast coloration is our best bet. Browner would be Least, and whiter would be Western. The trouble is I can’t decide whether it’s white or brown. Opinions about this please.

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3 hours ago, Quiscalus quiscula said:

I really wouldn't trust this photo too much, the appearance of "longer bill" might also be a photo artifact. Breast coloration is not a reliable field mark, and it's kind of giving me a Least feel, although I do agree it's likely best left as peep sp.

Thanks, I was just hoping this could be Identified. Peep sp. for me also.

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