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Raptor-Gainesville, Alachua County, Florida

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Apologies in advance for the terrible snap. This morning at the University of Florida Natural Area (AKA NATL) a hawk-like bird flew over, looking more or less like any number oflocal hawks underneath, and landed in a tree about a hundred yards away. I was leaving and took a photo (zoomed to about 14x equivalent) expecting I would see a red shouldered hawk when I reviewed the photo. Red-shouldered are common there as well a red-tailed. When I looked at the photo, the bird appeared to have a black back and tail. The tail had a thing white margin. I wish I had gotton closer but didn't want to scare it off.

I would appreciate any suggestions as to what species this might be so that, if I see it again, I'll be prepared. It could just be a light anomaly but the sun was bright and it was not shaded.

Thanks for any assistance.



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