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Hammock Coast Birding Festival. Georgetown, SC. Feb 17-19

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  • Charlie Spencer changed the title to Hammock Coast Birding Festival. Georgetown, SC. Feb 17-19
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Well, crud.  It's going to pour rain all weekend.  Of course, it's been beautiful  for the last three days.  I just cancelled my hotel and scheduled walks.  I'm sure the organizers aren't happy since this is their first festival. 

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Your date in the title confused me @Charlie Spencer. I was wondering why you'd be canceling your plans based on a ten day forecast, but I see from the link that it's actually this weekend not the 17th-18th. It's a good thing you didn't make your plans based on the date in the title. I can just imagine your confusion on the 17th if you were as confused as I am. 🤪

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I don't put a lot of faith in anything more than a 48 hour forecast, and even that doesn't get a lot of faith in being accurate. I don't think I'd bet against the weatherman for money though. Murphy's Law dictates that it's more likely to rain on an event if you have money invested in it. Now that @Charlie Spencer has canceled his plans, Murphy's Law greatly reduces the chance of rain. It's just the way it is when Mother Nature follows Murphy's Law. 

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Knowing what I know now, I probably won't do this event in the future.  For me, the big draw was access to two semi-private properties that have controlled access.  The other properties on the agenda are open to the public and I've been to them before.

Between when the festival sign-up period opened and now, several half- and single-day events have been announced.  These other events are cheaper / free, and close enough they wouldn't require a hotel stay.  I didn't consider them because I was already committed to the festival.  Now I recall there were nearby day-trip events last February too.  No, they're not on exclusive lands but they also don't require the same upfront payments and planning.

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