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orange pigeon ?! Toronto, Ontario, Today

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Hey no this is not normal. 

let me try to explain what others are saying

we do not have any coloured wild pigeons here. we have the feral rock dove.

this is most likely a dyed white bird racing pigeon owners and wedding release owners do this to deter hawks from attacking them. This is a domestic bird lost from its home. This is a pet that needs to be captured please if you can oin my group  Canadas Pigeon and Dove Rescue and Adoption group on facebook myself and many other rehabbers would like to save this bird. Domestics do not have the ability to survive the way ferals do, that have lived a sheltered life.

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On 1/24/2023 at 1:27 PM, Charlie Spencer said:

Rock Pigeons come in a variety of colors.  In the fourth photo, notice the variation on the bird to the right and the one two birds to the left.

This one looks a bit pinker than others but I recall similar shades.

Their varieties like grizzled or ash red are never bright orange. Even still many with special colours are also domestics. Pigeon racers lose 100s of birds a year, and they breed with the ferals leading to a mix of various colours. But some are still pure domestics and this one is a very recent lost bird that needs to be rescued.  

A picture of this bird is now in the rescue pigeon group in fb and we really want to contain to save this little one. 

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Just now, Snake Fingers said:

I wouldn’t worry. Rock Pigeons are very adaptable, this one is with others like normal, and this is likely in a city(@FrenchgirlinTO2?) so I few doubts this one will survive like normal.

@The Pigeon Nest is saying that this is a domestic bird, a pet, and it may fall prey to hawks and other predators in the city since it has not learned to survive like the typical pigeons that you normally see.

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