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Bear Island near Charleston

Birds are cool

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36 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:

I was there last February on a trip with SC Wildlife Federation.  Great spot.  SCWF has another trip scheduled in a couple of weeks but it's booked up.


Thanks. I thought it had restricted acsess in the winter? Is it necessary to walk 7 miles to see a bunch of birds? I am going up there with my mother and sister, both non birder. My mother would be fine walking that far, but my sister would not, do you need to walk far to see a lot of species?

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@Birds are cool, there's parking at Ti Ti Road, just off Bennett's Point Road (A).  There's a wetland adjacent to the parking, and a large pond across the road to the east, both with plenty of action.

You can keep driving north on Ti Ti.  The stretch from (B) to (C) is open or scrubby on either side.  Keep an eye on the owl boxes on the right (D); you might see something peeking out!

From C on, you'll have ponds and wetlands on either side.  Stop where you want.

Be aware there are no public bathrooms.  I recall the last ones were west of US 17.  There's no place to get food or drink either.


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