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Which hawk ??

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New here and posting per a suggestion from a friend on Flickr.

Trying to determine a specific hawk. IMaged two weeks ago at Bosque del Apache New Mexico USA.

Hoping these images can help with the ID.

45596368904_aced33ebda_b.jpgHelp ID Please by MedicineMan4040, on Flickr

45407116325_455535e98c_h.jpgHelp ID Please by MedicineMan4040, on Flickr

45596369024_4e9745d009_b.jpgHelp ID Please by MedicineMan4040, on Flickr

I know Red-tailed Hawks, and feed two in my backyard daily....surely this is a Red-tailed variant and I've heard many suggestions including a Harlan's Hawk, immature Ferruginous, etc.

Your thoughts appreciated.


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You actually have two different birds here. The first and third photos are one bird (or maybe two very similar birds), and the middle photo is another which is clearly much paler overall, especially on the head and undersides. That middle bird is a juvenile Ferruginous Hawk. The white panel formed by the white bases to the primary flight feathers is diagnostic for this species, as is the extended yellow gape and white base to the tail. The brown and white plumage as a whole indicates that it is a juvenile. The other bird(s) is a dark-morph Red-tailed Hawk, judging mainly by structure (stocky hawk with relatively short, broad wings, good-sized head with large bill). I don't know how to distinguish between a Harlan's or a dark-morph calurus or alascensis. 

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4 hours ago, MedicineMan4040 said:

I did find i-Bird Pro for Android, will it also analyze a picture I've taken like Photo Sleuth??? 


I have iBird Pro for Andoid (I'm one of those, too :classic_wink:). No, it does not analyze photos. I believe that is exclusive to Photo Sleuth, which in the future should be available for Android. If I'm not mistaken it will come as an optional add-on for the iBird Pro app.

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