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Eagle watch photography tour

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Hobb's state park in Northwest Arkansas is a pretty cool place to visit with a lot of land and parts of Beaver Lake. Beaver Lake being one of many man-made lakes in the state. I feel like every lake in Arkansas is the result of a dam.
Anyway, Hobbs has very regular events for people to attend. Some are fun. Birds and Breakfast, for instance... They have breakfast snacks and there are people outside mist netting songbirds. They'll weigh and band and such and then they bring them in bags inside where a demonstration is going on. They'll talk about birds and show them off an then have kids help release them out the back door. At least, they were the last time I attended. My kids loved it.

Anyway, Every year around this time they have eagle watch tours. I found one this year where the weather was cold but, decent for wind and sun... and signed up. $15 to get a short little bit of photography tips and then out to see eagles.
I of course wasn't there just for eagles. I wanted all birds. Target species included common loon, goldeneyes, and horned grebes. Didn't get the loons but got everything else.

And the eagles... had at least 4 individuals, one pair for sure, the other two may or may not have been a pair. The pair we were sure was a pair included some views that were just amazing... and the photos I got... better than I'd expect, from me anyway...

I have a canon t7 and have been using kit lenses til not too long ago when I splurged on a Sigma 150-600mm lens. I do not regret the purchase.
I feel like at least a coupe of my pictures almost look like a photographer took them. Almost.
















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22 minutes ago, Johnd said:

gorgeous photos .

will that  Sigma lens fit on a  t5?

i only have the 400



I wrote a reply but, am changing it.
So... yes... technically. Check out this link that explains what lens mounts you can use on the T5. This article says you can use an EF lens BUT, it will be "zoomed in"  There's an explanation in there.
The T5 uses EFS lens mount. They both fit, but, are different.


So when you're comparing lenses, ideally you want to look for EFS.
Some of the brands like Sigma and Tamron make specific lenses where they make different versions for different lens mounts.

Hmmm... I'm not seeing a lot of options when I search specifically for the EF-S mount for lenses.
Hopefully a more experienced photographer can explain what it would do to use an EF lens... Or maybe the link I provided above will explain it. I'd start there. It would fit, and work... but, I didn't study on what it would do...
Now I'm curious... I may read about it myself in a bit.

Ha... Editing to add... that link I provided mentions the sigma as a good lens to use for the camera... So... yeah.


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