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Northern Goshawk or Cooper's

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A Sharp-shinned Hawk was eating it’s kill when this hawk swooped in nearly hitting it. Considerably larger than the SSH it buzzed (or was attacking). It took over the SSH’s partially eaten kill. At first considered it was a RTH but not after it turned and it’s breast showed. I’m leaning to Northern Goshawk juvenile. It’s face has grayish cheek patch, black line between eye and bill, white eyebrow streak. CH face is evenly white / brown streaking. NG folded wings have bolder white markings, irregular banded tail while the CH tail is evenly banded.

Oneida County, NY

Hawk Northern Goshawk eating.jpg

Hawk Northern Goshawk tail.jpg

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Nice pictures!  I'm not picking up well on the differences between Juvenile Goshawks and Cooper's so I am very interested to hear what more experienced birders have to say.

I don't know if the eyebrow is distinct enough for a Goshawk?  as the juvenile Cooper's I've seen have all had one, albeit a subtle one.  Also the tail being spread could be contributing to the appearance of the uneven bands you see.

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