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Favorites list keeps disappearing

L Lord

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On 12/23/2018 at 1:40 AM, L Lord said:

I have iBird plus latest version 12 and my favorites list will not stay. Sometimes it lasts a week and other times not even a day. Anybody else have this problem? It’s very frustrating and I hope there’s a fix for it. I have an iPhone 8 Plus.


On 8/23/2019 at 3:49 PM, mickey53 said:

I have new Google Pixel 3A with iBird Pro and after setting up favourites list, it disappeared!  Any help?


On 12/24/2019 at 6:24 PM, P F said:

Keeps happening to me two. Content of favorites list goes back to 0


9 hours ago, Bobwyo said:

I just purchased iBird Ultimate and can’t even figure out how to start a list, let alone worry about losing it. Have I just wasted $20?

I don't think that there is much support for iBird on this forum. The members here are great at helping to identify birds, but there isn't a lot of technical know how shared here. While the iBird developer is the @Administrator of this forum, there isn't much support for iBird other than the suggestion to visit the iBird website and contact them and submit a request for support there. 

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My S.O. had this problem and I did not.  We have a family iCloud account, and I noticed the app uses iCloud.  On a whim, I turned off the app's use of iCloud in settings.  I tried adding favorites again, and now it seems to be working. 

I don't know why mine would work and hers doesn't (maybe because I own the iCloud family account?), but I figured I'd post a solution so others can try.  For Google users, maybe try your related storage setting.

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