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Sparrow in MT

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1 minute ago, The Bird Nuts said:

Have any more photos?  I'm having second thoughts...

I'm not sure either. If it's not a Song, it's a Lincoln's. Juveniles of those two species can be quite hard to tell apart!

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14 minutes ago, akiley said:

I might actually be leaning towards Lincoln's with the thin streaking, and the coloring on the face seems to fit as well. Still not sure though.  @The Bird Nuts do you think this is an adult or a juvenile?

If it's singing in that second photo, I would think it's an adult, but I don't know how else to tell with photos of this quality.  I'm leaning Lincoln's now, too, because of the ID marks you mentioned.

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I went through my photos and I think this is the same bird from a different angle.  Quality isn't that great.  It was singing quite a bit, and at a high level....so I was thinking at the time it would be an adult.

Thank you all for your input.  

IMG_6081 - Edited.jpg

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