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25th Annual GBBC!

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The 25th annual GBBC is starting tomorrow and ends Sunday. My goal is to get 75 species in my county. Going to try to get a couple  species of owls tonight. Ebird encourages you to make a trip report, so here is mine.


Here is the article with the info on the GBBC



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19 hours ago, Snake Fingers said:

Fun fact it starts on my birthday! Here’s my trip report. hopefully I’ll be able to visit this This one cemetery  and get some owl lifers!!!

I just noticed that your trip report is only three days. The GBBC is 17-20th. You can edit the trip report if you want. This article explains how to.


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I went out this morning to the cemetery and a restaurant/event facility with a nice garden; it always has Eurasian Collared Doves 😞 But I also got a White-Winged Dove, which I have never seen in my city before (they are common at lower elevations) and a couple of American Kestrels. Also some migrant warblers, Western Tanagers, and a Baltimore Oriole. 

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I’m at 12 species and I was planning to do my main bird outings tomorrow, but now we’re in the middle of a snowfall warning so doubt I’ll be heading out. So I’ll probably stay at 12 unless something shows up in my yard.

Did a quick drive by today to see if I could spot the hawk owl again and found him perched on a spruce, so he’s once again my best bird. Even though I’ve seen him 3 times now (never gets old). 
Definitely missing the hordes of redpolls I had at this time last year. Still missing them from my year list.

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