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Hey all, I’m going to be visiting family in the Chicago Area for spring break (March 6-10) with ample time to bird. I’ve already got some spots picked out, and am keeping tabs on some rarities en route and in surrounding states.

Here are my lifer targets:

Greater Prairie-Chicken: two spots I’m checking on the drive up

European Goldfinch: there’s a recent report of a large group nearby

Monk Parakeet: I know where one colony is so this one should be simple


Here are my hopeful lifer targets (recently reported rarities, or just tough birds):

Smith’s Longspur

Western Meadowlark

Black-legged Kittiwake

European Tree Sparrow (ABA)

Of course there are lots of other cool species that I would love to see that I have seen already, but the list would be too long for here  

If anybody has any suggestions around northern Illinois, NW Indiana, and SE Wisconsin I am looking for suggestions! 

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I have nothing to contribute to this thread, as I've only changed planes in Chicago. But, you saying Chicago and spring break made me see what the the four bands from Chicago my wife and I like are doing (two of them are in c*llege and would be on break next month). And, two of them are appearing here together in DC in July! So, thank you!!

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2 hours ago, Avery said:

Just got back! Finished the trip with 80 species (reported, I'm sure there are a few I didn't do checklists for, like BLVU), but got 3 lifers, one ABA lifer, 4 photo lifers, and 4 audio lifers! Here is the trip report. Let me know if the Greater Prairie-Chicken shows up.


Super duper! I don’t see any GPCH.

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3 hours ago, Charlie Spencer said:

I'm struggling to understand how one can be in IL and get three lifers but only one of them is an ABA lifer.  Of the three, which ones weren't ABAs?

Sorry, I meant one ABA only lifer. I have seen Eurasian Tree Sparrow before, but this was the first time I’ve seen one in the ABA. 

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