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Re-installing on Android phone

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I was having problems with my old phone and replaced it recently.  I believe the problems were software related so I don't want to simply transfer information en masse (my phone was randomly rebooting).   I figured I'd just reinstall Ibird Pro but it doesn't seem to be available anymore.  Tech help says, "The iBird apps were removed from the Google Play Store because they were not compliant with Google's new privacy policies. We need to update them to meet the requirements, then they will be back in the store and you can redownload your app. Unfortunately I do not have a release date for that update, but we appreciate your continued patience in this matter."

I think I'm a bit less patient than tech help thinks I am, especially since prime birding season has started here (Charleston SC).  Does anyone know where to download the pro version for Android other than Google Play?  Or does anyone know how to transfer only the Ibird Pro files from one phone to another?   


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Thanks Lonestranger, At first I thought that wasn't working until I figured out that the "My Files" app that I had was different from the one in the video. (they look almost exactly the same)  Once I figured that out and installed the correct file manager it worked so I now have Ibird Pro on my new phone.   The only issue now is that I don't have access to sync my notes or favorites.  Ibird on my new phone suggests I "Sign in with Google" but when I try, it just says "Google login failed" with no explanation as to why or any other suggestion.   Is there some other way to login?  Maybe by just filling out a username/email and password?  I don't see that option anywhere.   I tried re-registering with the same email and that went through fine but still doesn't allow sync.

Thanks so much for your help!

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I'm afraid that's about as helpful as I can be, @LocalHero. I have never signed into iBird and I don't plan to. I'm afraid that might trigger an update that may render the app useless. I downloaded the app, and the data packs, for the field guide aspect and haven't even looked at the other features you mention. The app has always worked the way I wanted it to, as a reference, so in keeping with the theory that if it ain't broke, don't fix it, I try to avoid any updates. I am using Version 7.7.1044 build 1044 OBB: 1032. Out of curiousity, what version are you using? I believe the iPhone is on Version 13 but I don't think Android versions are numbered the same way.

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That's the same version I have and I updated it whenever I reviewed my updates. (I always update apps manually)  So you have the latest I'm pretty sure.  I'm always hoping they'll improve on a few things.  Most notably I think "Birds Around Me" should be set by default instead of wasting often precious moments fumbling with the app hoping a bird stays in place.  I also note that the "Birds Around Me" function disappears when I look at a "Similar" species.  I find that very frustrating.

Right now, some of the app functions work but when I try to use the range maps, sounds, pictures, etc it comes up with a "no internet" message.  I've given it all the permissions I can find and I would have thought all of that info was already downloaded... I'll continue to mess with it.

Thanks again.

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The problem is that iBird has quit operating and their servers are gone. Your sync options will probably never work again, however you may be able to get most of the app working on your new device.

It sounds like you already copied and installed the app using the method described in the video above. The app is now running for you, but it is trying to copy the database file from the iBird servers and giving you errors. The bird photos and songs are stored in the database file. You might remember that you downloaded this database file from the iBird servers the first time you opened the app. You can copy the database file from your old phone. For this to work, both phones must support using a removable SD card or you must have root access to the phone.

On your old phone open iBird.
1. Choose the 3 horizontal lines in the upper left
2. Choose More
3. Choose Move Database
4. Choose the option to move it to the SD Card

The database will be moved to a location like /storage/3423-2342/Android/obb/com.whatbird.pro This is a virtual directory. The actual directory on the SD card will probably be /Android/obb/com.whatbird.pro. Inside that folder will be a ~1.75 gig file named like main.1032.com.whatbird.pro.obb. This is the iBird database file. You need to copy this file to your new phone. You can use the bluetooth method described in the video above, but it is probably much faster to copy using a USB connection to a PC or a USB connection between the 2 phones.

On the new phone follow the same 4 steps from above to configure iBird to use a database file from the SD card.
Close iBird.
Then, put the database file you copied from the old phone on the SD card in /Android/obb/com.whatbird.pro. (This directory should have been created when you configured iBird to store the db on the SD card.)
Reopen iBird and it should now have access to the bird photos and songs.

If you have root access to your phone then you can access the database file directly in the Android system files. There is no need to copy it to the SD card first.

If you have a phone that does not support SD cards and you do not have root access then you might be able to get it work with a virtual SD card. I did not try this, but you could google Virtual SD Card Android for ideas.

Hope this helps you.


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James, thank you, thank you thank you!  I had nearly gotten there but not quite and your explanation so clear and well laid out that I had no problem following it.   Hopefully the folks at Ibird will get it together to give us a fully functioning app at some point but this seems to be 90% there now.  


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