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Underrated/little-known eBird photographers!

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So this is how the idea for this thread came to my mind. 

The way the eBird top photos used to be, apparently the photos with the highest number of good ratings every day made it to the eBird home page and got featured. Usually you'd see a bunch of photos from basically the same cast of characters every day. Not purely just because they uploaded high-quality photos but also because most of them were pretty well-known and had a lot of people looking at and rating their photos. 

Anyway, with the way it's been switched up, now all a photo needs is a few five-star ratings to get it up there, usually. And this has brought to light (At least for me) a bunch of really good photographers that were kinda falling under the shadow of the more well-known ones before. So recently, I've been going through top photos searching for ones I liked and then tracking them back to their source. Often, I find they have pages of amazing bird photos that I had no idea even existed. 


So share with us the photo galleries of any exceptional photographers you can find! I'd love to see just how much talent is out there for us all to enjoy viewing and even learning from!

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14 hours ago, IKLland said:

This thread is for “lesser known photographers”. This guy is probably the most well known photographer on eBird. 

Never heard of him, absolutely heard of Derek Hameister though, who you posted just a few posts before. Yet I would assume there are people here who have just the opposite situation, so I would say both were a good addition to the thread.

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