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Questions about Common Goldeye plumage stages

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Photographed yesterday in NW Missouri.  The adult male is easy to spot, but I'm not certain about the rest of them.  I'm pretty sure the brown-headed one on the (viewer's) far right is an immature male (based on the white spot behind it's bill). The bird immediately to the adult male's right is an adult female, yes?   The remaining generic brown birds (a pair leading), one immediately to the adult male's left, and the far one trailing, would all be immatures, correct?  And who knows about the one diving/bathing.

In the 2nd pic, I have 3 adult males leading, and 3 adult females trailing, right?



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No response so far so...

Without identifying each bird - adult males will have a full white approximate circle on the face and bright white flanks, immature or 1st winter males a partial circle and grey flanks, adult females a brown head and grey flanks.

Pretty sure the bird on the far right in the first photo has a black head so 1st winter male.

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