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Bird species of the week photos!

Message added by aveschapinas,

In this thread a bird species is named every week on Sunday. Members are invited to post their favorite or best picture of that species during the week. Please post only ONE photo per species. 

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Tough choice on this one. I'm super lucky to live not far from a breeding ground for these birds and I often see them in large numbers. I choose this one because it is a pretty good photo and I had a ton of fun watching this youngster hanging out with a bunch of adult skimmers and Royal Terns. It eventually got tired and laid down and even closed it's eyes. I often see Black Skimmer adults also laying down and can't help but wonder if they get tired just keeping their heads up with their thick long beak. Also watching these birds skim the water is amazing. Merry Christmas to all.


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No great ones of a Common Loon. They always seem to be too far away to get good photos. Plus I have never seen one in full adult breeding plumage. I have seen them both in Florida and Colorado in their winter plumage. Here is probably my best taken in Florida.


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