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Bird species of the week photos!

Message added by aveschapinas,

In this thread a bird species is named every week on Sunday. Members are invited to post their favorite or best picture of that species during the week. Please post only ONE photo per species. 

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36 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:

Road tripping again tomorrow, so

Prothonotary Warbler

Only seen one, once, in SF and it was like 3 feet in front of me at eye level...but it was before I had a camera. Looking forward to the pics this week.

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Difficult choice today but not because I have seen and photographed a bunch. I have only seen a handful really but on one occasion I got two good photos. Trying to decide which was the better of the two difficult. I finally decided on this one as the bird is showing a bit of personality with the little head tilt. 


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1 hour ago, Charlie Spencer said:

That nage is razor sharp.

I disagree. There’s hardly any feather detail; and it has strange painterly effect due to the high levels of de noising (leaving it as it was originally looked even worse)

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Seen these several times but as I don't have a great camera I don't think I'll ever try to take a picture of one as it wouldn't be that great and would just take up time that I could be watching it....Unless someday I get a better camera 🙂

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