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Share Your Best or Favorite Photo of a Bird Species!


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You may post one photo of the bird species that has been chosen. The bird species will be changed every Sunday morning.

I will try to pick birds that are fairly wide spread in their range, so hopefully most people have seen them. If we feel changing the species once a week is too long it can be changed.

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  • aveschapinas changed the title to Your best photo of a bird species.

This one was building a nest right by a pathway. And I mean right by the pathway to the point someone could probably brush into it if they were too far over. I think she came to her senses and built it somewhere else as I couldn’t find any evidence of a nest when I returned a month or so later. EF157084-8C20-4389-9464-0EA8D5981C2B.thumb.jpeg.74653ca9c1dc242094848c6d79da1180.jpeg

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