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This is definitely one where it is super difficult to post just one photo. Having lived in Colorado for a number of years while a birder I saw sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many Red-tailed Hawks. Colorado had all the variations too,  Harlan's, Dark morph, Light morph, Krieders plus a leucistic one. Winter especially was good for Red-tailed Hawks. Yes, they have them year round in Colorado but many more would just spend the winter. I have photos of all these and some of babies. I actually had a nesting pair I kept an eye on for years as they nested in the same location every year. One year their nest blew down and I thought for sure they would not return as we all know they do not build their own nests. But, the pair I speak of did return at least to the same stand of trees.

Yep we have them here in Florida too but not nearly as a abundant as they are in Colorado. I don't think they even match Colorado's summer population.

I didn't look to see for sure but I think the photo below came from near DIA which was a superb area in the winter for finding Hawks, Eagles and Falcons.


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Another one where it is very difficult to pick just one! Like with the Red-tailed Hawk prior Great-horned Owls were abundant in Colorado and easy to find. I have photos of both the lighter Taiga and the more intermediate Eastern variations. I have photos of young ones ranging from still in the nest to almost independent. I choose this one because it is a good photo but all a great memory for me.  As for Florida where I live now they maybe abundant but they are not easy to find as there is just way too darn much vegetation. I have seen them but very few and far between.


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