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Good morning, Whatbirders!  If they haven't already moved out, they'll be doing so shortly.  Hopefully you've been able to get photos of ...

Longspurs, either Chestnut-collared or Lapland.

Again, only one photo per poster.  If you have both species, you'll have to choose one or the other but feel free to tell us why you made your choice.

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On 2/19/2023 at 1:42 PM, stitch58 said:

Anyone got pics of juvies being cared for by other species?


On 2/20/2023 at 4:38 AM, Charlie Spencer said:

I grant a special one-week exemption for a second photo of parasitized parents feeding parasitic offspring.

I'm going to slide this in a few hours late since you granted this less than a week ago and I was visiting family all last week.


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I've seen both several times, but of the two species, I've only seen one (Chestnut-collared) in alternate plumage. Plus, my Chestnut-collared photos are much better than my Lapland photos. That makes for an easy choice between the two species. 

Here's a Chestnut-collared doing a flight display. 


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I have seen both in Colorado plus the Thick-billed. Chestnut I have seen the fewest times so they are special to me. To see them I had to travel almost to the Nebraska border with Colorado. Living in a southern suburb of Denver made it quite an adventure. Colorado known and loved for it's mountains has a diverse number of birds that call the Eastern Plains home at some point in the year. I have also seen a Lapland here in Florida at Huguenot Memorial Park. Who knew Lapland Longspurs like spending time at the beach.😁


101 (2).JPG

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