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20 minutes ago, aveschapinas said:

Returned the following error for me:

404. That’s an error.

The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know.

Sometimes when I use my laptop the photos won't or don't load properly. Try this one. Thanks!


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With tons of House Wren photos to choose from but with none of exceptional quality and with some from both Colorado and Florida I had a tough time making a decision which one to post. House Wrens are abundant in Colorado spring and summer and common in Florida in the winter. I didn't see any young ones posted yet so I decided to go with a youngster from Colorado taken about a year before we moved to Florida.


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18 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:

Good morning, Whatbirders!  Double-dipping and hopefully covering most of you, this week's birds are

Screech-Owls, Eastern or Western

I have both can I do both?

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6 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:

You may have missed the poll we did during the first week of the month.  Yes, one photo of each species.

I saw the poll but your use of the word "or" made me wonder. Thanks!

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3 hours ago, Birds are cool said:

No owl photos from me.

58 minutes ago, IKLland said:

One of my biggest nemesis. 

I've seen one, an Eastern.  I hit it with the car near sunset.  I went back and watched it, and after several minutes it flew off.

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