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4 hours ago, Charlie Spencer said:

Actually, I've been thinking about recordings lately.  I think they're important tools and should be encouraged.  I plan to add them but I want to figure out a good approach first.

Maybe each week we can post 1 photo and 1 audio of the species(s) chosen. 

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Tough choice here. I have tons of photos of this species including both male and female and recently fledged young ones. I have a favorite but I have posted it before on Whatbird. I think in the LOL topic. So I went with this recent one from our backyard here in Florida. This male is looking great in his bright red breeding plumage. Cardinals are abundant here and we have been blessed to have a mating pair that has either nested in our yard or in nearby neighbors yards every spring/summer since we moved here. In Colorado where we lived before I saw one and it was 150 mile one way trip to see it. Thankfully, we saw a bunch of other great birds too so very worth the trip.


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