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A bird I have had the pleasure of seeing in two States CO (summer) & FL. (winter). This one is from Colorado and dates back to 2016. While I have seen and photographed several this is the best shot I have mustered to date.


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It's Memorial Day weekend, Whatbirders!  Between your cookouts and beach time, take a moment to remember those who gave their lives so we could live as we do.

I finally saw last week's bird but I had to go to England to get it!  I won't have the photos off my camera until we return, so let's go on to...

Yellow-crowned Night-Heron

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Dang again several good ones to choose from. I won't say they are abundant in Florida but they certainly aren't rare. As a result I have quite a few good photos. I even have one from when I lived in Colorado. They are rare there for certain.

Any way I decided to go with a juvenile figuring not as many people will have a youngster.


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Pip-pip and good day, my Whatbirder mates!  After a jolly good pop-round to England, I'm ready to see more photos of birds you blokes have had a proper look at! 

Okay, enough of that crud.  Let's go right up the center of the country for this week's bird, 



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