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I have a a few good Gackle photos.

not sure which species a lot of them are probably mostly great tailed and Boat tailed so ill just post this one from a few years ago in Anahuac NWR



Grackle Close up Anahauc NWR 7-17



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11 minutes ago, BigOly said:

It being this is a celebration of grackles

An incorrect understanding.

12 minutes ago, BigOly said:

maybe folks would like to see different grackles I shot photos of from different countries

You're welcome to start a Grackles thread independent of this one.


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Great-tailed Grackle-saw this species in Colorado mostly in the spring like this one who was singing his lungs out. A common bird in Colorado but not nearly as common as the Common Grackle there. I see rare bird alerts for these in Florida once in awhile but only one was confirmed that I know of but was hours away from where I live.

050 (2).JPG

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So many good photos of Boat-tailed Grackles. Super common here in Florida. I chose this photo not because it is my best  but because it is a favorite. Note the white eyes on this Atlantic Boat-tailed Grackle a subspecies of the Boat-tailed Grackle that has brown eyes. Both are common in Florida. This white eyed version is probably why I see unconfirmed Great-tailed Grackle rare bird alerts here sometimes. This is also a favorite as the birds seemed to be performing a mating ritual. Would love to post a photo of the brown eyed version too but I'd probably get in trouble.


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Great-tailed, very common here in northern N. M.  I'm sure I uploaded my shot of them in the parking lot of a well-known Arkansas-based superstore, so you get a more natural-looking one.

Great-tailed Grackles

Common, one of the first birds I learned as a kid in Ohio (beyond robin, sparrow, blue jay, cardinal). Much less common here, but these were here.

Grackles with caterpillar


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