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38 minutes ago, Johnd said:

A difference between greater road runners and regular ones?



Greater are much streakier on the throat and upper breast.  The ranges barely overlap, with Lesser found south of Greater.  Both are members of the Cuckoo family.

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Back in the game (I think I missed three weeks).

Most of my photos are fairly average in-flight shots so I went with this one from March 2021 (snow still on the ground). Heavy crop.

I watched it for some time hunting over a field and it finally snagged a mouse or a vole (hidden in the grass). Interesting how different these birds can appear.

Northern Harrier 1ad prey PL StrRd  7514629 -.jpg

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I have seen many many many Northern Harrier both in Colorado (summer) when I lived there. I have seen them in Florida (winter) since we moved here. But I do not have a good a picture of one. I have a bunch of okay ones. I used the one below because it is male and you never saw as many of them as the female and it is an okay pic.

215 (2).JPG

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Orangeburg Sod Farms, Orangeburg County, central SC.  Sept 2019, on a trip with Carolina Bird Club.

The sod farm is privately owned but the owner is a birder.  Check in at the gate first and you can drive the roads and berms between the sod.  The usual targets are migrating shorebirds drawn to the wide open damp grass fields, but the same conditions can pull harriers.  This one was dining on something just below the level of the grass.


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