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Abundant in Florida but I also saw a number of them in Colorado. The photo below is from Florida but before we actually moved here. I have a ton of good photos of this bird as they are not shy and even seem to enjoy hamming it up for the camera. I have Bahama Mockingbird too (only seen one and not a great photo) it would be nice to be able to include it.


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2 hours ago, Charlie Spencer said:

"Personal foul!  Unnecessary species not chosen for the week.  15 yards and loss of down!"

If @BigOly and @Clip don't mind, I'll remind them that there's a thread that explicitly has no rules, and they could easily say something here like, "While I'm at it, I'll post my photo of a B---- Mockingbird in the No Rules thread."

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I have had the pleasure of seeing both species. The Loggerhead in both Colorado (summer) and in Florida (year round) and the Northern Shrike in Colorado (winter). I have a ton of photos of Loggerhead, not so many of Northern but some.

058 (2).JPG


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