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10 minutes ago, sbruenjes said:

Were you able to report the bands?


Charlie Spencer.. I don't know where to even begin doing that...

You can report it at www.reportband.gov . After a while they’ll send you information on the bird like when & where it was tagged, approximate age, etc.

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No photos, but I did see an American Oystercatcher for the first time after dropping my kids off at school sometime before school ended last spring.  First sight after 4 years of living here and I haven't seen another since.  (same story with the Magnificent Frigatebird. Nothing for 4 years then last month I see 2 in one week, nothing since)

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Lots to choose from with Cooper's Hawk both old and new and in Colorado and Florida. Have young and adult. I ended up with an old photo from Colorado dating back 2014. This one brings back some fond memories when I used to spend a lot time at an off leash dog park. My dogs had a great time and I always carried my camera just in case I saw any birds. I often did but one thing you never saw there rabbits and squirrels. I believe this young Cooper's was just about finished eating a pigeon.


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