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8 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:

Good morning, Whatbirders!  Autumn put its foot down this morning; it's 44F here in central SC.  Great weather to stop at a couple of hotspots around Charlotte on my way to the NASCAR race.

Let's do one of those shorebirds you shouldn't look for at the shore:

American Woodcock

Good Bird!!!

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I had the pleasure of seeing this bird a couple of times in Loveland, Colorado. They are rare in Colorado but this one showed up at the same location a few winters in row. I have two good photos of this bird the one I chose and one that is a close up. I went with this one because it shows more of the whole bird.


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10 minutes ago, lonesome55dove said:

@IKLland @Johnd May I join the club, please? I have never seen one either. 

I apparently have led a sheltered life or have made a wrong turn somewhere because I didn't have a Tern for last week. 🙂


Caspian terns are only common on the coasts. and are very similar to Royals.


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