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Unfortunately they are becoming more and more common here; more so in the north (Petén) but they are showing up here in the highlands too. They are very popular pets and are sold in all of the marketplaces. People here call them "Palomas Peteneras" (Petén Doves) but they are, of course, not from Petén! 

This picture shows the range of colors they come in.


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This is a bird that became abundant year round in Colorado while I lived there. Here in Florida where I believe they got their start I don't see them as often. I don't take many photos of them so not too tough a choice this go round. The photo I choose to post here also happens to be on iNaturalist and because it has it's head scrunched down obscuring it's collar (best field mark for most I guess) it has not reached research grade. Should anyone have a moment that is on iNat like to check it out and get it to research grade I would appreciated it. Here is the link:https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/153790590


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Turns out I have a number of good photos of House Finches creating a really tough choice so instead of best here is my favorite. While both Colorado and Florida where I have lived have House Finches I only saw uniquely colored ones like this yellow one in Colorado. I did not see them often in Colorado. So they are special.


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