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36 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:

Road tripping again tomorrow, so

Prothonotary Warbler

Only seen one, once, in SF and it was like 3 feet in front of me at eye level...but it was before I had a camera. Looking forward to the pics this week.

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Difficult choice today but not because I have seen and photographed a bunch. I have only seen a handful really but on one occasion I got two good photos. Trying to decide which was the better of the two difficult. I finally decided on this one as the bird is showing a bit of personality with the little head tilt. 


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1 hour ago, Charlie Spencer said:

That nage is razor sharp.

I disagree. There’s hardly any feather detail; and it has strange painterly effect due to the high levels of de noising (leaving it as it was originally looked even worse)

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Seen these several times but as I don't have a great camera I don't think I'll ever try to take a picture of one as it wouldn't be that great and would just take up time that I could be watching it....Unless someday I get a better camera 🙂

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