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3 hours ago, Colton V said:

Anyone else have an unusually hard time photographing these?

They are deceptively quick, often in shade for me and the focus system struggles between the bird and the bark.

Typical example attached - tree reasonably in focus but bird blurred so 1/800 not fast enough? I will try to do better.

Brown Creeper bark imitation HVT-7232259.jpg

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I've only seen them a few times do to that there some what rare here, but the ones I have seen are always going round and round the trees, or limbs. So about the time I spot one they are on the other side, then pop out again, two feet up(or down!).


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On 11/18/2020 at 6:12 PM, Kevin said:

I will try to pick birds that are fairly wide spread in their range, so hopefully most people have seen them.


1 hour ago, Michelle Summers said:

You sure are good at picking the harder birds to photograph, Kevin ?  I finally got a decent shot this past Fall ?


If you would like, I would be glad for you to pick next weeks bird.?

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  • Kevin changed the title to Share Your Best or Favorite Photo of a Bird Species!

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